Gym memberships aren’t worth it

When making New Year’s resolutions, committing to exercise more and eat well is often at the top of the list. For many, making that resolution a reality means paying for a gym membership.

While gyms and health clubs can provide a positive atmosphere, gym memberships aren’t necessary to get in shape – I know this from experience.

For some, a gym membership can certainly persuade them to go to the gym – money comes out of their pockets for no reason every time they jump – but many go unused anyway.

I started going to the gym in late 2018. I was paying $10 a month to use the facilities, but my attendance was scattered.

I’m not the only one who occasionally skips the gym. According to a to study30% of respondents said they paid for a membership but did not go to the gym.

40% of respondents said their membership was too expensive. Even $10 a month adds up, especially if you’re not using what you pay for.

However, due to the comfortable atmosphere and variety of equipment, some find gym memberships helpful in their fitness journey.

“We have about 650 students scanning in the recreation center every weekday, and…about 350 recordings for group fitness classes last semester,” said Natalie Summerfelt and Joshua Perez, two graduate students who attend to fitness classes at NIU’s campus recreation center.

On campus, students can take advantage of a full gymnasium, as well as fitness classes and other resources as part of their costs for each semester.

“We believe that having the resources of the fitness center, regardless of the age of the equipment, is always better for students than equipment at home, because you can perform a greater variety of exercises with weights. heavier or different cardio machines,” Summerfelt and Perez said.

As a former gym goer, I find home workouts to be just as satisfying.

Although gyms and fitness classes offer equipment, companionship, and personal trainers, unless you need specific machines to complete your routine, home workouts can provide the same results depending on your athletic goals.

Strength and cardio exercises can easily be done at home, even in a relatively small space. Following youtube videos and buying small weights or resistance bands can also help increase the intensity of a home workout.

As someone who has ever paid for a gym membership, there are absolutely benefits for them. However, many people simply don’t use their membership enough to make it worthwhile, especially since fitness can be achieved at home for much less cost.

Instead of paying $10 a month to (not) go to the gym, I paid less than $15 for a few resistance bands. Not only is it more comfortable to train at home, but I also feel more motivated to train because I know I can do it whenever I want.

Keeping your New Year’s resolution and staying in shape doesn’t have to be expensive. Paying for a gym membership that won’t be used won’t make working out any more appealing, but finding ways to make it more comfortable and fun for yourself will.

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