Gym from Home: How home training became a pandemic fitness trend

In the process, the virtual fitness industry has boomed, with many offerings that have mushroomed over the past year.

Chloe Ting is all the rage on YouTube. The Australian fitness influencer has more than 19 million subscribers on the video-sharing and social media platform. The reason for its popularity? It encourages training without equipment. All you need is a nook in the house and a workout mat. It’s no surprise that Ting is so popular. With the virus threat still prevalent and easy access to workout videos and live sessions online, home training has become the pandemic fitness trend. In the process, the virtual fitness industry has boomed, with many offerings that have mushroomed over the past year.

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For some, home workouts are important because it helps them stay sane during these difficult times. “I have watched a lot of fitness videos. More than losing weight, the goal is to stay sane and positive during these difficult times. Whether it’s cooking, dancing, exercising or wellness, I enjoy virtually everything, ”says Arpita Sinha, Gurugram-based communications professional, who follows celebrity fitness trainer Yasmeen Karachiwala’s videos on Instagram, finding them easy to do at home. “I follow various dance aerobics (channels) on YouTube and try to spend 10 minutes (doing it) every night after work from home,” she says.

With the opening of gyms with limited capacity with consumer safety in mind, there is a shift to virtual training and classes. “Some consumers want to continue working out at home because of the convenience and access to quality online trainers,” says Jayam Vora, co-founder and COO of Fitternity, a health and fitness platform. Fitness, which offers a host of offline and online services, including one-on-one sessions with trainers, interactive live lessons, and more. The brand’s FitTV is a video-on-demand service that offers fitness videos with celebrity trainers and fitness trainers.

With the rise of work from home, there has been a huge demand for home fitness solutions, says Pratik Sud, co-founder and CEO of Synq.Fit, a brand known for its smart bikes for a gym experience. home gym ”. It also offers live and interactive coach-led workouts for up to four people at a time. “Working from home can lead to a lot of fitness issues. Here, technology has the answer, ”says Sud, adding,“ The increased focus on health has created the demand for home fitness solutions. Over the past two months, we have seen a threefold increase in orders on our website.

Supporting the trend to workout at home, Rujuta Diwekar, an expert in nutrition and exercise science, also tweeted: “Fitness is perishable. If you don’t exercise for 3 weeks in a row, your body will be wasting the gains it has made. Don’t skip workouts even if gyms are closed. Train at home, engage with your personal trainers online. It is a win-win in these difficult times.

Celebrities do it too, flooding social media with photos and videos of their home workouts. Actress Katrina Kaif can be seen warming up on her roof, while Shilpa Shetty Kundra does yoga in her backyard, inspiring a lot. Lata S, based in Bengaluru, is one of them. The IT professional follows Kundra’s videos, as does British athletic coach Joseph Wicks on Instagram. “Both show easy and quick videos of body movements and yoga,” she says, adding, “The ease of access to online classes helps me juggle a lot of tasks. I save on the commute time to the gym and can multitask around the house.

Spatial dynamics

Having a defined space for exercise is the first step towards creating a fitness habit. For many, the living room has become that space where they can train without hassle.

Workouts that require little or no equipment can be done using furniture or items that are easily found around the house. When training at home, you have to be resourceful, explains Mallika Tarkas Parekh, health and wellness expert, owner of Physique 57 India Barre Studios & Livestream Virtual Class. “We have learned to tailor our fitness programs with sturdy furniture around the house, walls, water / wine bottles – if we don’t have light weights – cushions and, most importantly, our body weight. Bodyweight resistance training has resumed during the pandemic and is a sustainable way to build strength and bone density, ”says the Mumbai-based expert, who has seen participation in her online course double since March. last year, with people from around 150 cities logging in. “Online has allowed us to open up to all of India and expose them to bodyweight resistance training… this fitness method has so much applicability for the Indian body type, given our tendency as a population to have lower bone density. In addition, we will be launching our Physics 57 video on demand application in a few months, ”says Parekh.

Yoga is also a popular choice among people because it can be easily practiced within the confines of the house and requires very little space. “There is a minimal barrier of entry to joining a group class, and there is great motivation, given the immune-boosting benefits of yoga practices. Yoga has gained favor with many because it helps manage both physical and mental health, ”says Namita Piparaiya, Mumbai-based yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle specialist, founder of the wellness platform Yoganama Wellness. , which trains students from all over the world through online courses.

However, experts advise limiting workouts to 30-40 minutes. “The normal tendency is to get a lot out of a workout, but the truth is, after 30 minutes the payoff isn’t as great. Reduce the intensity and create an atmosphere of variety. Reflect your movements, protect your joints. Look for a resistance band workout and keep the space clutter-free, ”advises Delhi-based facial yoga expert Mansi Gulati.

Diversified offers

A 2021 McKinsey report estimated the global wellness market at over $ 1.5 trillion, with annual growth of 5-10%. It’s no surprise, then, to see the fitness market fill with apps and social media channels, which provide on-demand libraries, real-time workouts, and remote coaching services. “Virtual fitness and gamified fitness apps are getting a lot of attention and this will only gain momentum in the years to come,” says Sohrab Khushrushahi, founder of Sohfit, a personalized lifestyle and fitness brand.

“Virtual fitness has also opened up the possibility of planning training programs, monitoring and inspiring users to stay in shape at a lower cost. The fitness industry is moving towards gamified fitness apps based on augmented reality with the sole aim of exploring new ways of interacting with people, in addition to making fitness more accessible perhaps even to those for whom. it’s not a priority, ”adds Khushrushahi.

Another game-changing app is Bim, which aims to revolutionize home training by allowing friends, communities and coaches to train together remotely through a multi-user video. It is currently available on iPhone and connects around twenty participants in real time, recreating an online physical gym class. The app has 160 customizable workouts.

Along with online offerings, the demand for fitness accessories and equipment has also increased. Gravolite, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of high performance competitive yoga mats and accessories and sports flooring for several sports in India, has seen its sales increase, especially of interlocking and multipurpose mats. “We have seen an 80-100% increase in demand. The demand for yoga mats was 10,000 per month before the pandemic, but during the lockdown (this year) we sold around 80,000 mats in a month, ”said Vaibhav Somani, director of Delhi-based Gravolite.

Amazon Fashion also rolled out a comprehensive marketing campaign at different stages of foreclosure with the theme of ‘Stay Fit At Home’ to highlight the importance of exercise and fitness for consumers. The brand’s fashion segment has seen an increase in demand for sportswear and comfort wear. “Through regular fitness sessions and DIY indoor games on, we are encouraging customers to create a home gym using the items that are in the house to add more fun to their home. daily exercise routine, ”an Amazon spokesperson said.

Help center

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FitBod: Strength training in a variety of formats, including strength training, powerlifting, and more.

305 Fitness: Offers live broadcasts of cardio dance workouts

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Center: Created by actor Chris Hemsworth, Centr has a group of personal trainers, nutritionists and wellness gurus who provide workout and wellness advice

HealthifyMe: A health and wellness app, it has a calorie counter, home exercise, and immunity plans to help track her activities Offers live classes and fitness videos for all age groups. There are also meditation and yoga sessions

Neou: HIIT workouts on demand, yoga and stretching

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