Bradley Martyn played the clown on Twitter for “gentrifying” the Milk Crate Challenge

Fitness influencer Bradley Martyn has been absolutely toasted on Twitter for his version of the ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ as people accuse him of both cheating and gentrifying the viral trend.

The Milk Crate Challenge is a relatively simple trend: people stack crates of milk (those plastic objects) on the grass in a vertical triangular formation and try to move them up and down without falling. The principle is simple, but has surprisingly entertaining results.

Originally there was a monetary component, as you could pay $ 5 to attempt the challenge and receive a reward of $ 500 if you did. It sounds like easy money until you see how those crates are shaking on the grass, which is why failure videos went viral instantly.

But the hits also went viral and, as some call it, influence Bradley Martyn jumped on the trend. Unlike “White Mike” and the lady in the high heels, Martyn’s success has been relentlessly clowning.

As you can see from Desus Nice’s tweet, Martyn’s version of the challenge didn’t perform well. As Desus subtly equates it with Martyn showing up and ruining the mood of a party, the responses are… less charitable.

Some focus on the whitewashed look of Martyn’s chic interior decor, as someone commented “the cultural appropriation is glaring.”

Others focus on why his version of the challenge doesn’t matter, because it’s not just on gym mats instead of rough, uneven grass – but also includes particularly wide, glued-together crates.

Compare that with the high heeled outdoor version and see which one looks more impressive to you.

In short, Martyn is playing the clown for two reasons. The first: Him, taking on the challenge in a neat environment, gets tagged terms like cultural appropriation or gentrification (giving flashbacks to the controversy surrounding TikTok’s white girls stealing black dances without credit). Some even joked that it sounded “anti-black”.

The second: this neat environment ruins the whole point of the challenge. The Milk Crate Challenge is fun because it is difficult and can be tried in the most available environment: Random Uneven Grass.

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The most famous successes of the challenge have included a short man with big boots, a guy who rolls a blunt, and a girl in high heels. A fitfluencer that does it indoors with special crates and duct tape… just doesn’t seem to fit the competition rules.

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